Specific Sponsorship

We want you to know that your donation is going to good use, by donating a specific sponsorship, you are directly contributing to our campaign! 



Palm Cards are an essential way to make sure that attendees at events hear our message. We also use palm cards when canvassing, tabling, and in stores and offices all across Jacksonville. A stack of palm cards is $50. 

Large Yard Signs

We use large yard signs at major intersections, storefronts, and events. These make Darren highly visible to the Jacksonville Community. A large yard sign costs $100.

Social Media 

Reaching every voter in Jacksonville requires a robust social media campaign featuring high quality graphics and boosting. By sponsoring a social media campaign you are putting Darren's name in the hands of thousands. A social media campaign is $75. 


Holding Get out the vote events will be essential to making sure our base is engaged in an off election year. By sponsoring an event,  you make sure Darren can interact with voters in person and raise vital funds.