Policy Priorities 

Jacksonville needs a comprehensive agenda to move us forward. We can no longer bandaid ourselves through to the next election cycle. A high standard of living, vibrant communities, a fair paying job and accessible resources-this is the Jacksonville I want to see. As an at Large City Councilman, I will work with stakeholders, activists, and constituents to make sure that your voice is heard. City Council is here for you,  and so am I.  


Public Safety

Our children deserve to go to school feeling safe. Shootings and violent crimes are unacceptable, and I will do everything I can to make sure Jacksonville becomes a safer place to work, live, and play. First, I will make building strong communities my priority. Crime happens for many reasons, but is exasperated when people don't have a good job, healthcare, and a sound roof over their head. Second, we need to promote community policing throughout our city, and prioritize building strong relationships between JSO and our communities.  

Jobs and Economy 

As an At Large Councilman, I know that I am responsible for all of Jacksonville. I also know that some areas of Jacksonville need more help than others. I will work to support businesses, especially small businesses, in communities across our city that are struggling. These are the backbone of our city, providing good jobs and ample resources to citizens who need them most. While we need to continue to attract new and exciting ventures to Jacksonville, there are so many great ideas, people, and businesses already here waiting to be supported. As your Councilman, I will be sure to not outsource our economy. 



Investing in our Youth and Communities

When our communities suffer, so do our most vulnerable citizens. We need to invest in our parks and after school activities, support veterans resources, and fully fund homelessness prevention programs. Jacksonville is a city that sticks by each other, and our policies need to reflect that. City Council needs to make helping our citizens its number one priority, and as your councilman it will be mine.